Sidewalk removal is first step in road widening job performed by Model XL 4300 II

GS Equipment Gradall Case Study 50aEfforts by Carolina Consulting Group to widen a two-mile stretch of State Route 29 in Imokallee, Fla., involved a variety of tasks, which typically would have required a collection of many different machines, not to mention extra operators, extra trailers and fuel. At the same time, the company needed to work quickly, and avoid obstructing traffic on the busy four-lane highway. The versatile Gradall® Model XL 4300 II excavator responded to both of those needs.

“We’re going to use the Gradall for the whole job,” said Wayne Bates, oGS Equipment Gradall Case Study 50bperator of the Model XL 4300 II excavator, who has some 25 years experience running various types of equipment. Using a pavement removal bucket and the precise positioning capability of the tilting boom, he can break up and remove large slabs of existing concrete sidewalk on both sides of various parts of the two-mile GS Equipment Gradall Case Study 50cwidening project. The same attachment is used to pull the old curbing sections. Excavating and grading buckets are put to work installing drainage on each side of the highway and then preparing the excavated site to lay the new sections of asphalt. The rubber tire undercarriage can move quickly over the length of the job without damaging paved surfaces that are not scheduled for demolition. “Before I used this machine, I had a lot of experience with the XL 3300,” said Bates. “This machine is faster and more powerful, but the XL 3300 still had the boom strength to pull 16-inch slabs of concrete.”

Posted with permission from The Gradall Company,