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Why The Vacall AllJetVac Combination Sewer Cleaner Is Essential for Any Municipality

pic-blogVacall™ AllJetVac combination sewer cleaners are the perfect choice for contractors and municipalities that need to complete maintenance efficiently or open clogged sewers.

Powerful Positive Displacement Blower System
The AllJetVac P Series featuring Vacall’s positive displacement blower system uses a single engine design to reduce maintenance. By relying on the chassis engine for all operations, Vacall ensures high performance, reduced fuel consumption and an easy to service engine.

Durable Materials, Coated to Prevent Rust
Vacall™ builds their debris tanks out of thicker steel and with sturdier doors than other brands. Of special value to the Florida market, the debris tank is available with a hot dipped galvanized coating to prevent rust inside and out. The galvanized tanks are so durable that Vacall includes a lifetime warranty on them. The cyclone separator and drop-out box, which are common rust failure points in many brands, are also available in galvanized coating to prevent rust and ensure long term reliability.

Vacall’s baffled water tanks are built of aluminum, instead of plastic, for extra strength, so you don’t suffer from unexpected downtime. Aluminum tanks from other brands are built with thinner materials and are prone to corrosion related failure. Vacall’s water tanks are powder coated for a durable, finish that doesn’t peel and carry an industry leading lifetime warranty.

Versatile Telescopic Boom
The suction boom telescopes 8′ 6″ to reach difficult spots with ease. Plus, the AllSmartFlow™ intelligent control system allows either precise or quick boom movements. A dual latching system for the reel tray eliminates alignment problems and damaging stresses common in other brands.

Options To Meet Your Needs
Municipalities and contractors can opt for a high dump option if their needs require, that lifts the debris tank up to 76″ and shifts it back as far as 21″. Emergency hydraulics can cradle the boom and withdraw the hose onto the reel if chassis functionality is ever an issue. Multiple blower and water pump choices are also available to help you tailor the machine to perfectly suit your needs.

Call GS Equipment today to learn more about these powerful combination sewer cleaners and to discuss the option that would work best for you.