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Why Municipalities Are Paying Attention to Kaiser Walking Excavators

Unmatched versatility and outstanding performance

The Kaiser S2 Walking Excavators are in a class of their own. Billed as the ideal all-around machine for a variety of deployments in the toughest terrain, these workhorses can truly handle any jobsite. Whether you work on steep slopes, in riverbeds, or even on impassable marshlands, the Kaiser S2 can get you where you need to go. Because of all of these extraordinary capabilities, the Kaiser S2 walking excavators have become the go-to solution for municipalities throughout the United States.


“We clean all of our storm ditches and ponds out with the Kaiser,” says Janice Storm, maintenance supervisor for the City of Oldsmar, Florida. “It literally walks on water, so we are able to go places that we could never go before. We have almost eliminated flooding in our town thanks to the machine. We also use it after storms for cleanup since the Kaiser can walk down a street blocked by debris to pick it up and clear the way for first responders.”

A variety of attachments for any application

In addition to its unsurpassed maneuverability and power, the Kaiser S2 can also handle a variety of attachments to make any municipal job easy. Whether you’re looking for grapple hooks, mowing heads, ditch cleaning buckets, or a demolition hammer, the S2 has the hydraulic capabilities to effectively power whatever tool you need.



In Putnam County, Florida, the Kaiser S2 is affectionately known throughout the municipalities as the “spider”. “Putnam County is about 850 square miles and most of it is rural,” says H.P. Tompkins, public works director. “There is a lot of off-road work that needs to be done, and the county did not have the type of equipment that was capable of doing what the Kaiser S2 does. The neighboring county where I came from had a spider, and we had to borrow it several times to do some emergency work until we were able to purchase our own.”


Now that Putnam County is equipped with the Kaiser S2, municipal crews have gone to work in areas previously inaccessible to conventional equipment. In addition to improving productivity, Tompkins believes it has also improved employee morale. “If you want us to do the job and to provide the service to the residents, we need the equipment to do it. It means a lot to the crew to have the right equipment.”