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Citrus County Road Maintenance Updates Their Vacall Fleet

Citrus County Road Maintenance Updates Their Vacall Fleet
When it was time for Citrus County Road Maintenance Department to purchase new equipment, they called GS Equipment, their dealer for over 15 years.

Long Lasting Equipment
The last time the department purchased a new Vacall machine was in 2003. “The machine held up really well,” said Larry Brock, Assistant Public Works Director at the Citrus County Road Maintenance Department. “Twelve years is a long life for a machine, especially one that works on municipal projects that require continuous use in harsh conditions. After talking with our salesman, we are now considering purchasing the AJV912 sewer jetting and vacuuming machine.”

Durable Design
Vacall uses a variety of materials that outlast other brands, including thicker steel for the debris tanks and aluminum baffled water tanks. For a company operating in Florida, though, the galvanized debris body is especially important. “We’re a coastal county which means we encounter a lot of salt water while we work,” explains Mr. Brock. “The galvanized debris body on the Vacall prevents rusting. None of the other manufacturers offer that.”

Recommended Dealer
The Citrus County Road Maintenance Department can’t afford downtime; they only have one sewer truck to service the entire territory. They trust GS Equipment to keep their Vacall up and running. “We’re very happy with the level of service and expertise at GS Equipment,” says Larry. “We recommend them anytime a company or another municipality is looking to make an equipment purchase.”