Proven on multiple sites, Model XL 3300 is ideal for both removing and replacing asphalt

GS Equipment Gradall Case Study 49aContractors and municipalities benefit from the advantages of having a single machine that can handle the entire process of removing and replacing damaged sections of pavement. In many cases, while any number of machines might be able to remove damaged patches of asphalt, either hand labor or another machine might be required to restore the appropriate grade and prepare it for asphalt.An additional piece of equipment might be called in to spread asphalt in narrow areas not accessible to a paver. That adds up to a lot of expense in equipment usage, fuel and manpower—something that can be reduced thanks to Gradall® versatility.

Gradall Model XL 3300 excavators handled the entire job at several different locations in Broward County, Fla., including Oakland Park Blvd. in the City of Lauderdale Lakes and in Pompano Beach on Sample Rd. At Pompano Beach,Weekley Asphalt GS Equipment Gradall Case Study 49bPaving equipped its Model XL 3300 with ditching, grading and pavement removal buckets. One machine was used to remove curbing, prepare the finished grade and then spread asphalt. At Lauderdale Lakes,APAC Southeast Inc. used a single 60-inch ditching bucket for the entire job.Typically, workers would spray the bucket with diesel fuel to resist adhesion by the asphalt. Next, the operator would dip it into asphalt in the bed of a truck and then carefully spread it into the exact needed location using the Gradall boom’s unique tilting action. In all cases, the Model XL GS Equipment Gradall Case Study 49c3300 excavator provides exceptional strength, precise movement and a compact footprint with a short rear swing that can work within one lane of traffic on busy Florida highways. The designed-in stability of the Model XL 3300 allows it to handle demanding work off the front, back or either side of the undercarriage. Gradall, the brand that introduced true rubber tire wheeled mobility to the industry, continues to excel with models that move quickly from one job to the next without creating conventional crawler track damage to permanent pavement.

Posted with permission from The Gradall Company,