Model XL 3300 makes short work of removing long median strips

GS Equipment Gradall Case Study 48aRemoval and replacement of existing median strips is a job that many municipalities face.The need frequently arises because roads must be widened to handle increased traffic flow at intersections. In other cases, median strips with curbs are removed to accommodate handicapped pedestrians. Other municipalities remove median strips with grass and other vegetation, replacing them with strips that are narrower and complete concrete to avoid the need for maintenance. In any case, removal needs to be done quickly and efficiently and with only minimal interruption of the normal traffic flow.

APAC Southeast Inc. used the power and versatility of a Model XL 3300 Gradall® excavator to remove existing median strips and curbs at busy intersections on 17th St. near Route 1 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The extra boom power provided by the Gradall XL Series high pressure hydraulics could easily pick up large sections of concrete curbing and asphalt using a pavement removal bucket. Some of the large sections were broken into smaller parts, which operators said was only necessary to fit the material into truck beds. Once the asphalt and concrete were removed with a pavement removal bucket, the operator switched to a grading bucket to smooth out dirt and remove small pieces of debris, preparing the medians for concrete. The rubber tire undercarriage moved easily over paved surfaces and the unfinished terrain, providing a stable working platform that typically did not require use of the outriggers or blade for extra stabilization. The undercarriage also permitted the operator to move quickly over the length of the job, and from one intersection to the next, without damaging pavement that was not planned for repairs.

GS Equipment Gradall Case Study 48c

Posted with permission from The Gradall Company,