At busy mining operation, Model XL 4200 II handles rugged cleanup work

GS Equipment Gradall Case Study 51aVulcan Materials Corp. operates a demanding aggregate mine in Brooksville, Fla., that requires constant spillage cleanup to keep the operation working efficiently. Once aggregate is mined, it must be moved and processed before it can be sold as finished rock and sand, mostly used in the manufacture of high quality cement and asphalt. GS Equipment Gradall Case Study 51bTransporting the mined material, including highly pourous limestone, in trucks and on conveyors creates a great deal of spillage that must be removed from under and around conveyors, crushers, scrubbers and hoppers. All are locations that are difficult for most machines to access and not practical to clean up by hand.

Since early 2006, demanding spillage cleanup functions at the Vulcan Materials mining site have been tackled by the Gradall® Model XL 4200 II.The Gradall boom telescopes horizontally GS Equipment Gradall Case Study 51cbeneath the conveyors and other equipment. Often working in locations with little or no overhead working space, the task could not possibly be handled by a conventional knuckle boom. Front-end loaders and other smaller machines do not have the capacity or durability to handle the demanding aggregate cleanup. For even greater reach capability,Vulcan has a standard boom extension for extra horizontal reach under conveyors, plus the company has a live boom attachment that is able to reach over obstacles and into holes. This is also helpful when the Model XL 4200 II is used to clean limestone residue out of truck beds. “The power of this machine is very good,” said Terry Lee,Vulcan’s maintenance supervisor. “It fits everywhere, and it has excellent boom-end strength.”

Posted with permission from The Gradall Company,