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Gradall Discovery Crossover High Speed Excavators

Gradall?s Discovery crossover high speed excavators are the result of collaboration between Gradall excavators and Freightliner trucks. These machines are specifically designed to offer a low cost solution for counties and cities to handle many different jobs with the same machine. The Gradall boom can reach left or right and up or down, and tilt a host of attachments at the perfect angle. Work where other machines can?t fit, like under bridges and trees and in tunnels, with its telescoping boom and stable, low profile Freightliner truck.

Reaching 27' 7" and tilting 220 degrees, its full telescoping boom is combined with a 0.75 yd3 bucket capacity and a near zero tail swing. These features make this machine perfect for grading, culvert replacement, landscaping, mowing, vegetation control, removal and replacement of curbs, gutters and sidewalks, and more.

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Highway Wheeled Excavators

Invented by the Fewerda family, Gradall's Highway Wheeled models travel up to 60 mph. With this capability, you can quickly reach multiple sites and return to the equipment yard each day, eliminating the need to load, carry and unload the machine from a trailer.

Gradall's highway wheeled excavators are powerful enough to handle the most demanding jobs with 282 gross HP and up to 10,080 lb lift capacity. Foot pedals in the upper cab allow operators to maneuver on pavement or dirt while controlling the arm to maximize productivity.

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Rough Terrain Wheeled Excavators

Rough terrain wheeled excavators from Gradall are perfect for demolition jobs with an unmatched ability to pick and carry large loads and dig at the front, rear or either side of the machine. These durable machines feature box plate construction and a strong frame for a long life.

Bucket breakout forces up to 25,405 lb, digging depths down to 24' 7", and maximum loading heights up to 18' 8" make this a versatile piece of equipment that's a great fit at any demolition site.

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Industrial Maintenance Excavators

Gradall's industrial maintenance excavators are perfect for work around any type of mill including basic oxygen, electric, and blast furnaces. These versatile machines are ideal for removing slag and refractory build up and cleaning and replacing tap holes.

Featuring a maximum telescoping boom length up to 29' 6" and a 360? continuous boom rotation, Gradall's industrial maintenance excavators outperform the competition. Rugged boom construction and heavy duty boom rollers ensure a long, productive life, even in the harshest conditions.

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Crawler Excavators

Perfect for tunnels, under bridges and on the ground floors of multistory buildings, Gradall's crawler excavators are uniquely designed for work in low overhead areas. 110? of tilt in either direction allows operators to place attachments exactly where they're needed.

Gradall's unique boom design delivers consistent power throughout the dig cycle, unlike knucklebooms. Excavator pads are available in a variety of widths to match your needs and allow for stable work on rocks, dirt, sand and other rough terrain.

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Railroad Maintenance Excavators

Railroad maintenance excavators for Gradall are an ideal fit for cities completing routine and emergency work on transit and railroad lines. Other manufacturers' machines can't compete with the versatility of Gradall, which quickly move over paved and unpaved surfaces as well as rails.

Short tail swing and Gradall's 220? tilting telescope boom design keep these excavators productive in tunnels, under bridges and in other tight spaces. The quick coupler allows for a single operator to change attachments and most maintenance points are accessible at ground level for easy maintenance.

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Gradall offers a wide variety of attachments to match the versatility of their machines. Choose from ditching buckets, dredging buckets, excavator buckets, grading blades, hammers, grapples, mowers and more to tackle almost any job.

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